How are your wigs made?

Our wigs are made on a sewing machine.


What kind of wig caps do you use?

We use ventilated caps made for machine sewn wigs and we also use mesh dome caps by request.


Which cap do your recommend?

Our preference is ventilated caps as they allow for less tension around the hairline and also have adjustable straps. However, if you’re not planning to sew your wig down and your have little to no hair, we recommend your request a dome cap.


Should I add combs to my wig?

Combs come standard with all our wigs and help to ensure your wig is secure. However, if your are concerned about the tension from the combs we recommend that your still include them in your wig and only use them when needed.


Should I add an elastic band?

Yes, elastic bands are great and provide added security to your wig. However, we do not recommend bands if you do not want an overly snug fit. Our wig will be secure with or without bands. Please decide based on your specific needs and hair concerns.


Will people be able to see the lace on my wig.

The idea of a lace frontal or closure is create the illusion of a real scalp. However, the key word is illusion. Although, we pride ourselves in ensuring the most natural looking wigs, when some is very close up (meaning to close for comfort) there is a possibility they will see your lace. In most cases from respectable distances no one will be able to see your lace. The illusion of your closure/frontal also depends on the lace you provide. We recommend thin swiss lace with the knots bleached and lace tenting to match your skin tone. BYOB Custom Wig Bar offers knot bleaching and lace tenting services.


I’m a first time wig wearer, what is the best and most natural looking style.

We recommend you wear a upart wig with your natural leave out or a full wig with a closure and a middle part. Middle parts are most natural and easy to manipulate for first timers.


How can I make sure my wig doesn’t fall off?

Firstly, remember you are wearing a wig; be cautious about your activities. However, if you make sure your wig is adhered tightly to your head and you use the recommended wig combs and/or add an elastic band to secure your wig you should have no worries.


How does BYOB know what size wig cap to use for me?

During our Build a Wig process, you will be provided a guide for measuring your head and you will be allowed to enter your measurements. We recommended having those measurements handy prior going through the order process. Click here to see our measurement guide. ( add hyperlink)


Can I provide pictures of my desired look?

Absolutely! We encourage it.


How long will my wig last?

Your wig longevity is contingent upon the hair your provide. We recommend using quality virgin hair. However, the foundation of your wig can last 1-3 years depending on frequency of use and the care you provide your wig. On the other hand, depending on the quality and the care for your wig, your frontal or closure, may need to replace within 6-9 months. We provide simple affordable frontal and closure replacement services. In addition, if you find that your wig has stretched out we also provide recapping services.


Does BYOB provide shampoo and style services?

Yes you may send your wigs back to us to be shampooed and styled. We will also fix any loose combs and/or replace your elastic band.


What should I do with my hair underneath my wig?

We recommend that your braid your hair in cornrows flatly and part your hair in the direction of your part on your closure/frontal. See examples in our story highlights on our Instagram page.


What are WigTenders?

WigTenders are high skilled wig makers at BYOB Custom Wig Bar who are personally assigned to our customers to help our customers in customizing their wigs. Your WigTender will be with your every step of the process and is happy to address your questions and/or concerns.


Which is better, a frontal or closure?

For longevity and ease of use especially if you are a first timer, we recommend a closure. Closures typically measure 4x4 and color your hairline from about the middle of the eyebrow to the next. Frontals typically measure 13x4 and cover the hairline from ear to ear. Remember, closures and frontals are made on thin delicate lace and over time can thin and/or bald. Closures require less manipulation than frontals and will last longer and are easier to look more natural. On the flip side, frontals are very versatile and you can wear your hair many ways. However, due to their delicate nature they need to be replaced more often and require daily manipulation and styling. Frontals are not recommended for first timers.


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